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Artistocracy, owned by Artefact ltd, offers a range of services allowing users to publish, sell, promote and buy items related to art in the broadest sense, through its Website. The services offered are mainly production and manufacturing, Internet services, management and administration of the shops, the payment platforms, and support of transactions, packaging, shipping, management and preparation of orders, and customer service.
This section presents our privacy policy. It gives you information about the origin and the purpose of the navigation information processed during your browsing and use of our Website. Your trust being very important to us, we wish to give you all available information about the use of your personal data. So, when you visit and use our Website, information with regards to your navigation is liable to be saved by softwares, especially in files called “cookies”, installed in your computer, subject to choices you made and can modify at any time. We also save, under certain circumstances, data in our database.
Although a cookie may be eaten in some case, we are here referring to a small text file that Artistocracy may install, subject to your choices, in your computer, via your browser. This text file will allow us to identify your computer next time you visit, during the period of validity or saving. It will also allow to save various information such as items in your basket, your navigation on our Website, your shipping information, your votes on different articles, and your wishlist. These pieces of information are saved in order to improve our service and the use of our Website, and to make the actions easier for the end user of our services. NOTE: warning, this Website contains linked Websites. Theses linked Websites have their own way of collecting data. We are not responsible for data collection made by a third party, or the content of their Websites. We recommend that you review carefully those linked Websites’s privacy policies.
To process your orders, we may collect the personal data you provide when you place an order on our Website. We also save personal data when you create an account. These data are collected in the sole purpose of providing the services ordered. We undertake not to sell directly your personal data or give them away for free or for payment. However, we may share information (non nominative data such as statistics, number of users, connection times...) with our various partners and affiliates during special campaigns or partnerships directly intended for our Website, or for the improvement of our Website and our services. By using the Artistocracy services, included the Website, or by providing your information, you consent to the collection, unless otherwise stated, the use and disclosure of your information in accordance with this privacy policy, our term of use and terms and conditions. Please review thoroughly the above-mentioned documents.
Some personal information collected is stored in our database with access reserved to a few authorized people. We take all reasonable precautions to avoid any unauthorized or inappropriate use of your personal information. However, despite these precautions, you should be aware that no computer system is inviolable, thus, we cannot ensure integrity of our servers and the personal data they contain.
We wish to remind you that we never save your bank details in our servers or any other physical or virtual location when you make a purchase on our Website. Only our two service providers (Dalpay and Paypal) have access to this information to process your payment when you place an order on our Website via their secure platforms. We place a great emphasis not to record your bank details.
As a designer and before selling your works as impressions or any other kind of material proposed on our Website, you must have an Artistocracy account and be a verified member. Verification is a unique process to be completed via PayPal. Of course, it is important to note that PayPal privacy policy is different from Artistocracy’s.
When you create an account to publish and sell your artworks on Artistocracy, we may publicly use your artist name in connection with your content on our Website, be it in your own Artistocracy shop, on the lists of products, on your page “about me”, through the search engine, through any content (included without limitation your logo, images, avatar, photos, products, commentaries) that you have published on Artistocracy and that you also authorize to be published on the different Artistocracy channels and social networks.
If you no longer wish to receive information about our products and services or for any request regarding your personal data, you may let us know through any of the following:
- using the “unsubscribe” option in the section “My information” of your Artistocracy account;
- using the “unsubscribe” option in any e-mail from Artistocracy;
- sending an e-mail via our contact form in the section “help” of our Website and specifying your request.
We may change this privacy policy from time to time. If so, the modifications will be brought to this Website page, without notice. Modifications shall have no retroactive effect and shall enter into force fifteen days after they are published on the Website. If you do not agree to these modifications, we call on you to terminate your visit of the Website, and, if you wish, to ask us to delete your personal data that we process.

LATEST UPDATE : November 12, 2015.
Privacy policy for the users of our services.