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To get started, simply go to the "JOIN US" page that is intended to create your shop and your account. You can either use the form provided for that purpose (we recommend that you create your shop this way), or with your Facebook account (image 7) or Twitter (image 8).

If you use the form (on the left of the image above), the steps are presented below:

1 - Your artist name that will be used everywhere in your shop.
2 - The URL address of your shop, the latter can be different from your artist name.
3 - Your email.
4 - Your password (8 characters minimum, we recommend a letter + number + punctuation mix)
5 - "Check that you are a human" by dragging the right icon on the right of the gray insert.
6 - Validate the form by clicking the button.
Your shop will be open, all that remains is becoming a verified member. A blue insert in all the pages of your account will prompt you to perform this simple and quick step that is necessary to activate your account. This check requires a mandatory Paypal account and costs 1 USD. This is the ONE and ONLY cost of your shop on Artistocracy. This check has several functions: it serves to protect the site from spammers, to verify your identity and especially to ensure that we can pay your profits to you on your Paypal account in due time. Until you are a verified member, all parts of your account will not be activated and you will not be able to create your products.

The complete guide step by step to create a store or an account on Artistocracy