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CREATE YOUR STORE : Seller's guide, all about.

Artistocracy allows you to create in just a few clicks your own shop identified by your URL. Once your account/shop is open, all that remains is to load your creations with your account specific generator module to create immediately a whole range of products you can sell instantly. Indeed, our module generates automatically the final result of the products from your creation file. We deal with the production of orders with love and passion in our own workshops in France and ship them carefully. You will receive an amount set by yourself beforehand of every sale. You have absolute control over your share of the sale price. Finally, you keep full control of the rights of your creations: you are the sole owner of them. No Bullshit.
Create your store and get verified.

Upload your creation files to generate products instant.
Start selling and earn profits that you’ll have set.
In order to pay yourself monthly profits out of your sales, you must become a "verified member". Once you have created your account, you will be prompted to follow a simple one step process to become a verified member. To make payments of your profits and become a verified member, you will need a Paypal account. This verification costs 1 euro. This is the only cost associated with your Artistocracy account. There are multiple benefits: on the one hand, it allows to protect the site from spammers and to verify your identity, and on the other hand, make sure we can pay your profits to you in due time.
It's simple: no contract to sign, no right to assign, no exclusivity clause... you simply load your creations and you keep full control of the rights on your creations. You upload or delete your files as you wish, at any time, without any constraints. Again, no bullshit.
Whatever the item you create, you will need to set the share of profit you want to get out of it. Whether it's a t-shirt, totebag, a pair of shoes, a belt, an art print, a framed print, a bag ... In short, ALL items sold of ALL your creations without exception will have a profit set by you. We do not impose any mandatory profit or on a fee basis. You are the sole decision maker regarding your profits.
In your account, you have a complete tool for real-time tracking (statistics, various information, products sold, countries of destination, amount of profits ...) of your sales and payments that have been made and are to come. Whenever a sale of your creation is complete, we produce it, ship it and we pay the profit you have defined. Each time a sale is made, we will inform you by email.
We perform automatic payment by Paypal every 1st of the month following the sale taking into account a period of 15 days minimum latency. Example 1: You sell an item on March 15, we will make the payment on 1 April. Example 2: You sell an item on March 17, we will make the payment on 1 May The exact details of payments made and tocome is clearly indicated in your account and available at any time.
In addition to your own URL (web address), you can, through your account, customize your shop with your own logo, your avatar, your welcoming text and a different color, your banner present on all pages, your presentation, your addresses and social networks. Your shop is a direct reflection of you. Find complete information on store customization.
We are currently working on a wide range of new features that will allow you, among other things, to export your shop. We will unveil the how, the why and more when we are ready. But we're sure you'll love it! Note: Artistocracy is only at the beginning of its "history", we have an ambitious roadmap that includes many tools and new features that we will announce in the coming months.
We select every week new creations posted by our members in their shops in order to put forward in Artistocracy's main shop and make them benefit from a greater visibility. You will be notified every time one of your creations will be featured in the main store. The more your articles will be successful, the more they will attract our attention; the more incredible your creations will be, the more they will seduce us. Post your best creations and create variations to put all the chances to make sales on your side.
We offer you a series of tools and tips to help you increase the sales from your store, accessible directly from your account. We also regularly publish more tips and strategies on the blog, always aiming to increase the sales of from store on Artistocracy.
To upload your creations, you must follow some simple rules such as file size (in pixels) and special requirements for certain items such as T-shirts. We tell you everything in details (but these information are also available in the loading module of your files directly into your account).
Although Artistocracy is designed upstream to be very user friendly - as simple as filling fields and load a file - we put at your disposal several "step by step".
1 - Tutorial to create your own shop/open an account
2 - Tutorial to customize your shop
3 - Tutorial to create products from your files and using the module that renders the final product.

Need more info? Feel free to browse the HELP section to find out a little more about Artistocracy universe or contact us via this form.
The complete seller's guide on Artistocracy. All about how to open a store and sell.