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Once you have created your shop and completed the process to become a verified member, you can create products immediately available for sell in your shop. While this is extremely simple and quick to learn, we detailed the steps below. To start, log in to your account and click the sub-menu "Create product".
Once in the "create a product" page, indicate the name of your creation, description (not mandatory, English is highly recommended for this). Select from one to four categories that correspond to your creation (make sure to select only the categories that represent your creation).
Then, select your file to load (see the specifications of the files to load that are also indicated directly on this page). Your video is loading with a progress indicator. When the file loading is complete, click on the validation button of this step.

Note: The first product that you create is always the poster art that will be available on art print, framed print and acrylic print. This first product is used as a guideline to all other complementary products based on the same design for the different categories of products you can create in step 3.
You now have a part that allows you to specify the profits you want to get. The first column of each table indicates the size of the creation, the second section the base price of item manufacturing plus the respective costs for the production and payment fees. The third column is where you indicate your profits. Finally, the fourth column indicates the total amount that will be displayed on the site for sale: the final price of the item.
Indicate in the third column the profit you want to get for each size and each item.

You can also fill directly the final selling price and the profit field will update accordingly. You finally have at your disposal a button that enables you to automatically fill in all the fields on the basis of a 20% profit of the final sales price. Then click the submit button.
Your art print/framed painting/canvas print is now created and available for immediate sale in your shop. You then arrive on a page that allows you to create all the complementary products based on the same creation that you just uploaded. As you can see, our module also automatically created a range of products. But you can now upload directly into each type/product series a specific file to refine the rendering or to create those that could not be generated from your first file.

n each block there is a button that allows you to select a file with information on the specifications of the file to upload. Once the uploading is complete, your product is created and available for sale. You can then set the amount of profit for this item/series.

By default, all the complementary products have a profit set at 20%, but of course it is up to you to decide. Simply type the percentage in the field and the amount of the profit will update accordingly and will be automatically saved. You can also use the button of automatic percentage addition for all your items. Enter the desired percentage, validate, and the percentage will be applied at once to all your articles (module is on top right on this page).
The more complementary products based on the same design you have, the more you increase your chances of selling.
To add complementary products to a creation already uploaded:
As explained in step 1, when you create a new product, our module first creates the art print, frame print and canvas print before proposing to create complementary products based on the same visual (shirt, belt, shoe ...).

If you have not added additional products or you want to edit one or add another to a creation already designed or change your profits, simply go to the "Manage your products" part of your account. On this page, click in the table on the "Edit Products" button of the creation you want to edit/modify.

Then you will access the page shown in this "how to" at the step 3 (on the left) that allows you to upload files for complementary products, edit your profits, remove products...

Note: To change the description, the name, image and profits of your art print/frame print/canvas print, click on the "edit this item" in the first block of the page.
The computer guide about how to create product and how to add complementary product on Artistocracy.