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personalize your store on artistocracy
We strongly encourage you to customize your store as soon as possible so that it looks like you and is unique. To customize your store, once your account is created and verified, simply log in to your account to access to the "My Information" page. On this page there are several fields and options that allow you to change the look of your store. The image above shows on the left the "My Information" page of your account, and on the right, the place where will be displayed the various customization options of your store.

Next to or below each of this options, you will find information on the constraints to respect (e.g.: size and weight of the image, text length...)

1 - Your artist name that is also used for the URL of your store. 

2 - Your description/statement that shows in the "About Me" page of your store. 

3 - Your different links and social networks that appear in the "About Me" page of your store. 

4 - Your logo that will appear above your navigation menu on all pages of your store. 

5 - Your avatar/pictures that appear in the "About Me" page of your store. 

6 - Your banner that will be displayed below the navigation menu on all pages of your store.

7 - Your home text that only appears on the home page of your store.

8 - The color of the welcoming text on the home page of your store.
9 - The dropdown menus to select which of your designs will be displayed on the homepage of your shop for each category.
You now hold all the keys, let's go!
Note 1: Note 1: Until these options are changed, we will display the default Artistocracy logo, a default banner, a default avatar, a welcome text by default on your store.

Note 2: the "My information" page is also used to manage and modify some settings of your account such as your password, the subscription to the newsletter and email contact.

All the informations to personalize or customize your store within few clicks on Artistocracy.