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We know it is sometimes difficult to be completely reassured when purchasing online, but as we are, just like you, internet customers, we wanted to inform you, in full transparency, about payment service providers that secure transactions on Artistocracy. We also wanted to point out that at no time we are in possession of your bank details. We do NOT record your banking information, we cannot access it and we are, anyway, fiercely opposed to us possessing it. Our different payment service providers only, reliable and proven, can access it to carry out the payment. They are presented hereunder.

For the following types of payment: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro
Transactions are secured by our STRIPE provider (which is used also by Facebook, Kickstarter, Pinterest, Squarespace, Shopify, Unicef, Lyft...), specialized in online payments for many years, that uses the latest standard encryption technologies on its secure platform. At no time we are in possession of your bank details, or record your bank details on our servers. Our provider only has access to this information to make payments with your bank.

For Paypal: with over 100 million users worldwide, the reliability and robustness of Paypal are well established. We strongly encourage this way of convenient and fast payment.

The payment methods available and the informations about our payment providers.