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personnalisation produit artistocracy

Although the online customization system is extremely simple and intuitive, here below a small "step by step" tutorial. To get started, simply go to the "Customize". Once on this page, click on "start the customization module." This will take you to our online customization tool. The steps are explained below.

personnalisation produit artistocracy

Click on the product name you want to customize and a sub-part appears immediately, allowing you to choose the options available depending on the selected product. In our example, we have chosen the cushion which displays four options. Select one of these 4 options, and a new insert will appear below containing a product description and a small blank preview and the price of personalization. If it suits you, you can click on the button "Ok next step".

NOTE : Depending on the type of product, you can have multiple levels of options to select before the price and the preview are displayed.
NOTE 2 : Depending on the type of product, a small blue inset also appears to allow you to access additional information such as the size guide for clothes.
NOTE 3 : If you want to return to the site, simply click on Artistocracy logo on the top right cross.

personnalisation produit artistocracy

You are now on the page that allows you to upload the file that will be used to customize your product. You can see on the right side under the button, a text that tells you the necessary constraints (size, weight, type) of the file for the realization of your customization. In the middle, there is a blank preview of the selected product. At the bottom of the page is the product description, and according to the product, a small blue inset give you more information like size guide for clothes.

To load a file click on the button "Load File" or on the small square next to it. Your browser opens a window that allows you to browse your computer files to select the file you have prepared. The rendering is automatically generated in a large size for you to see the result. If you are satisfied with it, simply click on the button "I love it, I order it!" to add it to your cart.

You just have to follow the steps in the basket to complete your order and receive within a few days your personalized item made in France!

NOTE : If you want to change the image simply click on the "Choose File" button to select another file and generate the new preview.
NOTE 2 : If you want to change the product, just click on the cross on the top right of the page to return to the previous page and select another type of product.
NOTE 3 : If you want to return to the site simply click on the logo Artistocracy.

The complet guide about how to use the personalization module of Artistocracy