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To present our vision and our services to you, I thought that it would be fairer to introduce myself, founder of Artistocracy. Indeed, a career is like a drawing, it says a lot and does not cheat! My name is Thomas Gayet, trained as a graphic designer and DA, I have been working in the field of web since its beginnings, at the time when I was telling anyone who would lend me an ear that one day everyone would have his site and that the Internet would revolutionize our lives. I often was only getting as answer a laugh more or less loud...

I have opened my graphic studio in 2000, just after my military service at the "SIRPA Terre" of the Ministry of Defence. I was a young crazy dog who spent hours and hours surfing the web, to the rhythme of the sound of a modem Alcatel 33600! Constantly experimenting already essential graphic tools on my PowerPC, offering my services for free on a humble personal wanadoo website, discovering with passion, enthusiasm and bulimia the first websites, flash, precursors studios like 2advanced that marked my memory.

Over the years, I was amazed to see how fast the graphic quality increased, it was impressive. Hundreds of top digital artists worldwide emerged, pushing the boundaries of digital art, revolutionizing it literally. I was desperate searching for posters of this new art, but found nothing. I remember my first purchase was a poster of 2advanced which, collector, always takes center stage today in my office. 

In 2004, I have closely followed the beginnings of a site that was would quickly ace and inspire number of French digital entrepreneurs: Lafraise and its iconic founder Patrice Cassard (who is also at the origin of the name "Artistocracy", full circle!). His project gave me the desire to create an online store dedicated to digital art on modern media, and various non-standard formats. My goal? Spread the incredible diversity of talented artists that cleared the new playground while enjoying myself. At that time, the walls of my own home were covered with posters of artists from the store (this is still the case today). This project, called AmkaShop, still exists after more than 10 years after the launching! I'm proud because, again, in 2005, no such site (to my knowledge) existed; my shop was so pioneering and was part of the first projects in the world really dedicated to digital art and the gidted people that made it. The very term "digital art" was still disputed and very far from earning the current trendy image.

But AmkaShop worked beyond my expectations because I sincerely thought, when I created it, that would not survive more than a few months. Inviting, sharing, meeting and spread to as many people as possible talented artists motivated me more than the business and profitability aspects. I was having fun! Thus, I had the privilege of working with and follow many artists, some of whom have become "stars" now selling into an art gallery; I also allowed others to resume to their art and I have even, once, served as a dating agency! In ten years, I have necessarily learned and grew with them. I have been experiencing amazing situations and gleaned many brilliant anecdotes. But above all I met hundreds of amazing people with many complex, fragile at times talents, many of them are now valuable friends.

During the last fifteen years, I have also had the pleasure of being editor for the paper magazine Advanced Photoshop and Advanced Web design. I primarily interviewed creators I liked for the first and realized case studies for the second. In 2008, surrounded by a bunch of hyper talented friends designers, I founded the blog Artskills, dedicated to digital art. Our goal was to volunteer to share what we liked in digital art through our different sensitivities. Each of us took on his free time to feed the blog and share. Other rewarding experiences such as organizing exhibitions of "live event" with SFR, or my involvement in the project Ten by Fotolia contributed greatly to broaden the scope of the promotion of digital art I have always been in search for.

In the end, Artistocracy is the extension and a sort of outcome of these 15 years path. With a modern approach, adapted to the what is fashionable at the moment and matching the creators expectactions today, namely freedom, control, ease of use, speed and efficiency. My double hat as a graphic entrepreneur and my personal journey makes Artistocracy a project that has a soul, values, love, concern and fundamental motivations that have never changed:
- Promote digital art as a whole
- Spread awareness of the huge network of talented artists who make digital art a magic act
- Meet, exchange, share, move forward, keep learning with personalities with rich and varied sensitivities.
- Get up every day and do what you love.
I like/we love artists and digital art for many years... and that is not about to change.

Beyond the deep motivations presented above, that make up the Artistocracy DNA, we worked with our small team on aspects that we considered as the most important to the artists. To do so, we haved designed the site and the services which, as designers ourselves, we would have like to have. Specifically, the benefits of this project are: 

- Your full control over the rights of your creations. No contract to sign, no exclusivity, no transfer tax in any form whatsoever. You add, delete, change your creations as you wish without any constraint or control from us. No bullshit.

- Your total control overs the profit you get. You choose for every support that we provide the amount you want to recover. Be it one or several hundred euros, you are the only master on board regarding your pay.

- A simple and effective tool for automatic generation of rendering product. In your account, you load a file in our module and we generate the rendering of dozens of products instantly, in seconds. You can then refine by groups of products or, in the case of specific formats, add other products that could not be generated with the first file.

- Your own online shop with your own URL and as many customizable elements as possible: a large banner, your logo, home text , your avatar, your description, your links, your ergonomics, all this with a global navigation menu that points only to the products of your shop. We do not try to attract systematically and pointedly customers of your shop to the Artistocracy main shop. Our interest is that all shops work.

- A complete administration interface, compartmentalized and clear for easy management of your articles and your shop, through statistical and promotional tools to help you increase your sales, clear data on sales, profits and payments of your shop. And under development, new tools to push the customization and utilization of your shop even further.

- We choose every week among the products produced by artists who have opened their shop on Artistocracy those we wish to put forward in the main store of the brand Artistocracy to give more exposure and visibility to artists so chosen and their work.

- We perform weekly interviews of artists who have opened their shop on Artistocracy in order to share their expertise, their peculiarities and always bring the greatest possible exposure of their work. 

- When we study new ideas, new products or important decisions in the life of the project, we ask for the opinion of our artists. Indeed, we attach great importance to their feedbacks, that are a priority for us. We belong to the same "gang". Therefore, we never decide unilaterally, without exchanging with them and be interviewed. Concretely, this process is made through the blog, because although keeping an old style blog is now not fashionable anymore, it is essential to us, precisely because of this possibility of involving all our members in our decisions.

- We are a small passionate, human scale team, constantly listening to the artists, available for any question, special request or assistance. Therefore, you always have at your disposal a caring and responsive partner. 

We put all the know-how in the field of digital art printing accumulated for over 10 years at Artistocracy service.
We are not newcomers in this matter, nor opportunists who sensed a promising or lucrative market. We have not raised external funds, but financed theinvestment needed for the project ourselves. We love and believe deeply in what we do; we love the work well done. For us, every detail matters and in our country, each of them go through a quality control.
Thus, colorimetry is not just a word devoid of meaning for us. It is not entrusted to service technicians. We have in-house one of the five French professionals on the subject, certified Digigraphie (Epson), Canson and art print specialist. A sign of respect for the creative work of our artists.

Artistocracy required two years of development. We took the time to do things in order, properly and without neglecting any aspect of the project. We have sourced the best products, materials and machinery all over the world, which has led us to live in several countries. We have developed and manufactured products specifically for Artistocracy and some of our machines meet exactly our requirements and manufacturing constraints in order to offer the best final product at the right price. Therefore, if you found a potential improvement, we appreciate all your comments in this direction.

We are proud to say that our finished products are made in France, either in our own studio based in Lyon or in the workshop of our French partner selected for its expertise, rigor and seriousness for a period of over 10 years. The details often make the difference. But our team is detail manic. That is why, with us, every detail is important and we are very demanding as to quality control.

It consists of several personalities of various nationalities, rich, varied and experienced. We are all passionate about what we do. We get up every day to do what we love deeply and make digital art penetrates a little more each day in homes/offices/spaces, supported by all the artists who do us the honor of being members of this we like to call the "arty gang" and that we have the privilege to represent.

Why to choose Artistocracy to open your own artist shop ?